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United States Marshals Service

WIFLE signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the United States Marshals Service (USMS) to solidify an understanding that  the USMS affirmative employment program is a vehicle to provide for the development and implementation of an open dialogue between the USMS and WIFLE. The one important goal of the affirmative employment program is to ensure that the USMS reflects the demographic make-up of the applicable civilian labor force for the population of women.

The USMS will coordinate WIFLE's "Recruitment Fair" held in conjunction with the leadership training. For more information, please contact Katrina Queen, USMS at




Dr. June Werdlow Rogers


Regular Contributor to WIFLE Quarterly Newsletter
DEA Special Agent in Charge (retired) June Werdlow Rogers (formerly June W. Stansbury) holds a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice and Criminology earned at the University of Maryland. She has 28 years of law enforcement experience from 3 different agencies including the Detroit Police Department and Central Michigan University's Department of Public Safety.

Dr. Werdlow Rogers is the Author of Becoming Ethically Marketable: A Guide for Criminal Justice Majors and Recruits (available from www.staggspublishing.com). She also was a contributing author in the book Police Psychology into the 21st Century (Kurke and Scrivner) writing Chapter 11 on Counseling and Diversity Issues (available through www.amazon.com). Dr. Werdlow Rogers' newest book CRACKING THE CODE: Surviving & Thriving in the Man's Double Standard World is pending publication by Cable Publishing (www.cablepublishing.com). Other articles written by Dr. Werdlow Rogers may be accessed at www.opednews.com. Dr. Werdlow Rogers has been a speaker on numerous occasions among diverse audiences, including national professional conferences, colleges and universities, and at numerous training seminars. She has made public appearances on television and radio, and is heavily quoted in printed media accessible on the Internet.





    N A W L E E


   The National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE) is the first organization

   established to address the unique needs of women holding senior management positions in law

   enforcement.  NAWLEE is a non-profit organization sponsored and administered directly by law

   enforcement practitioners. Our mission is to serve and further the interests of women executives

   and those who aspire to be executives in law enforcement.





Website http://www.nawlee.org






PoliceOne.com Our mission is to provide officers with information and resources that make them better able to protect their communities and stay safer on the streets. We provide a secure, trusted and reliable online environment for the exchange of information between officers and departments from across the United States and from around the world.   Visit and join PoliceOne at www.policeone.com



Walmart Job Ads, http://jobs.walmartstores.com/careers/law-enforcement-jobs

Each year, Walmart and WIFLE team up for the annual WIFLE-WALMART Leadership Award.  Go to the websites for the annual Leadership Conferences at www.wifle.org to view the award criteria and see the recipients of this prestigious award.


Visit the link above for law enforcement positions open in Walmart.





 Details: http://govsecinfo.com/trexpo






CACI’s employment opportunities are in direct support of federal agencies making them an ideal employer for those of you who are interested in a second career.  Career Categories range from IT and Communications, to Analysts, Intelligence, and logistics, to many positions that do not require security clearances.

Please go to CACI’s website at www.CACI.com to learn more about this dynamic company.  Check out their website section on Thought Leadership and CACI White Papers which focus on a variety of subjects.

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